Crafting digital services and interactive experiences through all forms of

Media & Marketing

Hi, I’m Katie

My mission is to craft unique, digital experiences for brands that are prepared to make an impact. If it can be done digitally, I can do it! My approach is to be able to assist your brand through every avenue of the digital landscape to be your go-to, one-stop person to ensure your brand look and messaging are consistent.

Specializing in startups to midsize business, I’m here for you from your crafting the perfect logo, creating catchy video, or brainstorming ways to reach your target audience through social media. Whatever your digital need maybe, let’s create it together to fir your brand and reach your clients.



Lets Talk.

Not only do I need to know what services you may be looking for but also who you are as a brand. Most importantly, I need to know your


Your story is what creates trust and commitment with your consumers. Let’s then take that story and translate it into content to reach your consumers!

Time frame:

  • 1-2 hour zoom/skype/Facetime/any other method 2020 taught us
  • 1 questionnaire that you complete on your own time


Now we will get into the fun stuff. All the discussions will start to pay off as we work together to draw up what your company needs are the creative avenues needed to meet them! Here you will receive the deliverables, timelines, and action plan.

Time Frame

4-5 days depending on the size of the project


My favorite part! During this time I will get to work on the plan we developed together. You can expect check-ins every 1-2 days depending on the project size. You will also be able to check-in on progress as you would like with your own portal!

Delivering and Teaching

I won’t leave you hanging after you approve the design or website or marketing plan… I’m here to continue to help! I provide a walkthrough of how to make updates to your website so you can change text and photos as you need to or what to do with your new logo and how to send it to print services for new company t-shirts. If we developed a marking plan together, I am here to track and make changes as needed.


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"We had good communication with one another. As an employer, I recommend that providing all details and materials that can support Kaitlyn's work. Don't be afraid to contact her for anything on your mind."

RBC Revenue.


Kaitlyn did a nice job on this project. She was quite skilled at logo and marketing design and did a lovely job on our webpage. She has always been willing to go above and beyond with all of our requests.

Triple A.


"This was Katie’s first build on a food website and I’m happy with her work. She met every deadline and solved most issues. I will hire her again for future projects."

Crafted Chef.

Triple A logo